André Robert Lee is Many Things Management. Through the Production Company he produces & directs films and TV. André initially worked for a number of studios and production companies which lead to the launch of Many Things Management over 10 years ago with a desire to control his own creative vision.

Many Things Management is known to always have Many Things Happening.

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I like this Quotation! ...

Be the person who encourages others and ignore those who discourage you! There's room for all of us to be successful! #quoteoftheday #billandersonfox29 #hardwork #inspiration #motivation #success #humility #goals #dreams

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I love my work. ...

We had the incredible honor of observing the memory and work of Dr. King with eight screenings at six schools this weekend in five different states. Many thanks to the students, families, and educators who came together to listen, connect, and continue to move toward Justice. "True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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My Point Made family is All That! ...

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My Man Mr. President Barack Obama. I will shake this man's hand someday and show my gratitude. ...

Hello, Facebook! I finally got my very own page. I hope you’ll think of this as a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country – a place where you can hear directly from me, and share your own thoughts and stories. (You can expect some just-for-fun stuff, too.) I’m kicking it off by inviting you to take a walk with me in my backyard – something I try to do at the end of the day before I head in for dinner. I say this often, but that’s because it’s always at the front of my mind: We’ve got to preserve this beautiful planet of ours for our kids and grandkids. And that means taking serious steps to address climate change once and for all. Now, we've made a lot of progress to cut carbon pollution here at home, and we're leading the world to take action as well. But we’ve got to do more. In a few weeks, I’m heading to Paris to meet with world leaders about a global agreement to meet this challenge. I hope you'll join me in speaking out on climate change and educating your friends about why this issue is so important. At a time when nearly three in four adults online use Facebook, this feels like a great place to do it. Share your thoughts in the comments, and pass this message on to folks you think need to see it. If we're all in this together, I'm confident we can solve this and do right by future generations.

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Bring It! ...

It’s official Sweetie Darlings! Eddy and Patsy are back in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie. Crack open the Bolly and like the page for all the latest news. In cinemas 2016 #AbFabMovie

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Thank you Madame First Lady! ...

Preach! Read: Michelle Obama: A Life amzn.to/1LSV4WT

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