André Robert Lee is Many Things Management. Through the Production Company he produces & directs films and TV. André initially worked for a number of studios and production companies which lead to the launch of Many Things Management over 10 years ago with a desire to control his own creative vision.

Many Things Management is known to always have Many Things Happening.

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"The Election Effect," about the way our country is changing, and the way youth is mobilizing as a result. Thank you Concord Academy for always welcoming me into the community. Check it it! ...

The #Election2016 was unlike any other. Our new 5-part digital series #TheElectionEffect premieres on Thurs 4/26 and looks at students from an array of backgrounds and political beliefs across the nation -- and documents the effect of political rhetoric on each of them. #Activism #Politics #CivilDiscourse

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Erik Parian has a new video and we like it! ...

Here's the music video for my first single, "Piece of My Heart" !!! check it out and make sure to pick up the tune on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music **Share it if ya dig it!! more music to come :)))) Subscribe on Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCXF88w9idrCw3gHLAGIEKqA?view_as=subscriber

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This young man will be a star someday. ...

Found this gem taken by Andre Robert Lee back when I was a 21 year old know it all...who oddly enough couldn’t strum a chord on the guitar. Thinking about the years in between can sometimes be tough. A lot of bad decisions and selfish thinking... I guess the silver lining is that I’m still here. And if you’re still here too, it can always be worse.

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This is an AWESOME video made by my kids (now adults!).
They get Philly.

Experience the moment the Philadelphia Eagles win their first NFL #superbowl. Documented by Creative Outfit, Inc. Viewer discretion advised.

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PoCC 30 was full of amazing people. These videos celebrate the veterans who made a big difference! ...

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We made magic happen at PoCC 30. ...

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Get a Hat! ...

Rocking a Government Cheese Hat makes you happy. Just ask Oman!

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